Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions, if this does not answer your query please contact us on 0808 196 8657 and we will be happy to help :

How are we different from other Funeral Directors?

We’re not. We offer the same caring dignified service at the same crematoriums with the best time allocations, the same traditional hearse and the same traditional limousines. The only difference is the price.

What happens if someone dies out with the Hospital?

If someone passes away at home, you must call the doctor who will come out and certify the death. once you have done this then simply call us and we will come out and collect your loved and take them back to our chapel of rest. If someones passes away in a carehome, the nursing staff will follow procedures to verify the death. Once this has been done either you or the nursing staff call us and we will take care of everything. Just contact 0808 196 8657.

Is there a out of hours fee?

No, all our funeral packages include the care and collection of your loved one, regardless if it is during the day or during the night.

What do we do next

When someone passes regardless if it is in the hospital, at home or a carehome, a medical death certificate will be released. once you have collected this then you will be required to make an appointment at any registrars in scotland to register the death. Once you have done this, then simply call and the Funeral Director will arrange to visit you or come to our parlour to make the funeral arrangements.

Can you facilitate payment by the Social Fund or Financial help?

Yes, but due to the time the Social Security Scotland can take to process your claim its important to let us know you are appealing for a funeral grant.

We are a member of the National Federation of Funeral Directors and the Fair Price Charter.

There are also many there ways to receive funds in order to help with funeral costs including your local Credit Union or we can put you in contact with a Funeral Finance company.

Which Crematorium/Cemeteries can we use?

Any Crematorium/Cemeteries in the Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt areas.

Can we have a limousine for the family?

A limousine and chauffeur for the family is available at a small charge of £200 and can seat 7 people.

Flowers and floral displays.

Flowers and floral displays can be placed on and around the casket in the hearse for the journey to the service.

House Visits?

The funeral director will be more than happy to come to a house of your choice to arrange the funeral at no extra cost. We have found this works very well as families are a lot more comfortable in their own environment.

What is a Funeral Procession and is there a charge?

A funeral procession is where the funeral cortege leaves from a house/location of your choice. Many funeral directors charge a small fee for this but ours is included in the price.

What is a Viewing service and what does it cost?

A Viewing service is where family can come and spend time with their loved one for the last time before the funeral. There is a small charge of £200 for this as the body must be embalmed prior to viewing. Viewings can take place at our parlour or if you wish, the coffin can be brought home the day/night before at no extra cost.

Where can services be held?

The most common place for a funeral to be held is at the Crematorium. We also do graveside services, this is where the whole service will be held at the graveyard. Funeral services can also be held at any church prior to Cremation/Burial, depending on your religion whether it be Catholic, Church of Scotland, Episcopal Church or even at a Temple. There is no extra cost for this.

Can I Change Funeral Director?

Yes you can change funeral director providing you have not signed any legal paperwork with your funeral director.

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